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TFS on Sawtooth

field description default
imagePullSecrets.enabled if true use the list of named imagePullSecrets false
imagePullSecrets.value a list if named secret references of the form - name: secretName []
ingress.apiVersion if necessary the apiVersion of the ingress may be overridden ""
ingress.enabled true to enable the ingress to the main service rest-api false
ingress.certManager true to enable the acme certmanager for this ingress false
ingress.hostname primary hostname for the ingress false
ingress.path path for the ingress's primary hostname /
ingress.pathType pathType for the ingress's primary hostname nil
ingress.annotations annotations for the ingress {}
ingress.tls true to enable tls on the ingress with a secrete at hostname-tls false
ingress.extraHosts list of extra hosts to add to the ingress []
ingress.extraPaths list of extra paths to add to the primary host of the ingress []
ingress.extraTls list of extra tls entries []
tp.args arguments to pass to the tp container "-vv"
tp.env environment variables to pass to the tp container nil
tp.image.pullPolicy imagePullPolicy for the tp IfNotPresent
tp.image.repository repository for the tp taekion/taekion/taekion-fs-tp
tp.image.tag tag of the tp container "v0.6.0"
maxUnavailable maxUnavailable for the deployment if kind=DaemonSet 1
minReadySeconds minReadySeconds for the deployment (if deployment kind and k8s version supports it) 120
middleware.args arguments to pass to the middleware container "--debug"
middleware.env environment variables for the middleware nil
middleware.image.pullPolicy imagePullPolicy for the middleware IfNotPresent
middleware.image.repository repository for the middleware taekion/taekion-fs-middleware
middleware.image.tag tag for the middleware v0.6.0
middleware.port port for the middleware service 8000
middleware.resources resources for the middleware {}
perNodeServiceType the type of service to create for per node access (only applies if kind=StatefulSet) ClusterIP
podAnnotations pod annotations for the tfs set {}
s3.args arguments to pass to the s3 container "-vv"
s3.enabled true to enable the s3 service true
s3.env environment variables for the s3 container nil
s3.image.pullPolicy imagePullPolicy for the s3 container IfNotPresent
s3.image.repository repository for the s3 container taekion/taekion-fs-s3
s3.image.tag tag for the s3 container v0.6.0
s3.port port for the s3 service 9000
s3.resources resources for the s3 container {}
serviceAccount.create true to create a service account false name of the service account nil (defaults to based on release name)
sawtooth sawtooth options may be configured see Sawtooth
extraVolumes a list of additional volumes to add to all StatefulSets, Deployments, and DaemonSets []
extraVolumeMounts a list of additional volume mounts to add to all StatefulSet, Deployment, and DaemonSet containers []