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This chart is the base chart to install BTP Sextant. By default it installs the development version of Sextant. It's intended use is as a dependency of other charts which install particular editions of the software.


field description type default
imagePullSecrets.enabled true if imagePullSecrets are required boolean false
imagePullSecrets.value a list of named secret references of the form - name: secretName list []
imagePullSecrets.createSecret.enabled true to create a image pull secret boolean false
imagePullSecrets.createSecret.registryUrl the registry url string nil
imagePullSecrets.createSecret.registryUser the username for the registry string nil
imagePullSecrets.createSecret.registryPassword the password for the registry string nil
replicaCount number of Sextant replicas to run int 1
logging default logging level string "1"
ui.env environment variables to set in the UI container map nil
ui.image UI image settings map N/A
ui.image.repository UI image repository string ""
ui.image.tag UI image tag string "latest"
ui.image.pullPolicy UI image pull policy string "IfNotPresent"
ui.resources UI resources map nil
api.env API environment settings map N/A
api.image API image settings map N/A
api.image.repository API image repository string ""
api.image.tag API image tag string "latest"
api.image.pullPolicy API image pull policy string "IfNotPresent"
api.resources UI resources map nil
noxy.env Noxy environment variables map N/A
noxy.image noxy image settings map N/A
noxy.image.repository NOXY image repository string ""
noxy.image.tag noxy image tag string "latest"
noxy.image.pullPolicy API image pull policy string "IfNotPresent"
noxy.resources UI resources map nil
serviceAccount.create if true create the service account boolean true name of the service account for sextant string nil
postgres.enabled if true create an internal postgres instance boolean true
postgres.env postgres environment variables map N/A
postgres.image.repository postgres image repository string "postgres"
postgres.image.tag postgres image tag string "11"
postgres.user user for the postgres database string "postgres" host for the postgres database string "localhost"
postgres.database database for the postgres database string "postgres"
postgres.port port for the postgres database int 5432
postgres.password password for the postgres database string "postgres"
postgres.existingPasswordSecret name of a secret containing the postgres password string nil
postgres.existingPasswordSecret name of the key in a secret containing the postgres password string password
postgres.tls postgres TLS configuration string nil
postgres.persistence postgres persistence settings map N/A
postgres.persistence.enabled if true allocate a PVC for the postgres instance boolean false
postgres.persistence.annotations any custom annotations to the postgres PVC's map {}
postgres.persistence.accessModes postgres PVC access modes list [ "ReadWriteOnce" ]
postgres.persistence.storageClass postgres PVC storageClass string nil
postgres.persistence.size postgres PVC volume size string "40Gi"
postgres.resources UI resources map nil
service.type Sextant service type string ClusterIP
service.port Sextant service port int 8000
ingress.apiVersion if necessary the apiVersion of the ingress may be overridden ""
ingress.enabled true to enable the ingress to the main service rest-api false
ingress.certManager true to enable the acme certmanager for this ingress false
ingress.hostname primary hostname for the ingress false
ingress.path path for the ingress's primary hostname /
ingress.pathType pathType for the ingress's primary hostname nil
ingress.annotations annotations for the ingress {}
ingress.tls true to enable tls on the ingress with a secrete at hostname-tls false(truthy)
ingress.extraHosts list of extra hosts to add to the ingress []
ingress.extraPaths list of extra paths to add to the primary host of the ingress []
ingress.extraTls list of extra tls entries []
ingress.hosts a list of host and path lists to publish in the ingress (deprecated) map {}
extraVolumes a list of additional volumes to add to all StatefulSets, Deployments, and DaemonSets []
extraVolumeMounts a list of additional volume mounts to add to all StatefulSet, Deployment, and DaemonSet containers []