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field description default
affinity.enabled false: no effect true: then validators will be deployed only to k8s nodes with the label app={{ .sawtooth.networkName }}-validator false
imagePullSecrets.enabled if true use the list of named imagePullSecrets false
imagePullSecrets.value a list if named secret references of the form - name: secretName []
ingress.apiVersion if necessary the apiVersion of the ingress may be overridden ""
ingress.enabled true to enable the ingress to the main service rest-api false
ingress.certManager true to enable the acme certmanager for this ingress false
ingress.hostname primary hostname for the ingress false
ingress.path path for the ingress's primary hostname /
ingress.pathType pathType for the ingress's primary hostname nil
ingress.annotations annotations for the ingress {}
ingress.tls true to enable tls on the ingress with a secrete at hostname-tls false
ingress.extraHosts list of extra hosts to add to the ingress []
ingress.extraPaths list of extra paths to add to the primary host of the ingress []
ingress.extraTls list of extra tls entries []
pagerduty.enabled if true send pagerduty alerts false
pagerduty.token pagerduty user token nil
pagerduty.serviceid pagerduty serviceid nil
sawtooth.opentsdb.db name of the opentsdb database to be used metrics
sawtooth.opentsdb.url url of the opentsdb database to be used nil
sawtooth.opentsdb.enabled whether to enable the opentsdb metrics false
sawtooth.minReadySeconds the minimum time a pod must be Running before proceeding on a rolling update 120
sawtooth.maxUnavailable maximum number of pods allowed down on a rollout or update 1
sawtooth.containers.block_info.args extra args for block-info-tp nil
sawtooth.containers.identity_tp.args extra args for identity-tp nil
sawtooth.containers.rest_api.args extra args for rest-api nil
sawtooth.containers.settings_tp.args extra args for settings-tp nil
sawtooth.containers.validator.args extra args for validator nil
sawtooth.containers.validator.env list of environment name/value dicts nil
sawtooth.ports.sawnet port for the sawtooth validator network 8800
sawtooth.ports.consensus port for the sawtooth consensus network 5050
sawtooth.ports.sawcomp port for the sawtooth component network 4004 port for the sawtooth rest-api 8008
sawtooth.livenessProbe.enabled whether to run the livenessProbe on the validator false
sawtooth.livenessProbe.initialDelaySeconds seconds to wait before running the liveness probe the first time 300
sawtooth.livenessProbe.periodSeconds interval in seconds to re-run the liveness probe 120 if false, the liveness probe will run and evaluate the the situation, but always return successfully string
sawtooth.livenessProbe.exitSignals when restarting due to a livenessProbe failure, the validator pod has a "signal" system which will cause it to restart the named containers in this var "block-info-tp"
sawtooth.heartbeat.interval interval in seconds to issue a heartbeat 300
sawtooth.permissioned Whether to run this chain as a permissioned chain or not false
sawtooth.namespace namespace to render these templates into (deprecated) "prod"
sawtooth.networkName name of this sawtooth network (deprecated) "mynetwork"
sawtooth.scheduler name of the sawtooth transaction scheduler to use string
sawtooth.consensus id of the the consensus algorithm to use< valid values: 100:DevMode, 200, PoET, 300 - Raft, 400, PBFT int
sawtooth.genesis.enabled If true, and the cluster is starting for the first time, then a node will be selected to create and submit the genesis block true
sawtooth.genesis.seed The seed is an arbitrary string which identifies a given genesis If the data of a given set of nodes is to be wiped out, change this value. "9a2de774-90b5-11e9-9df0-87e889b0f1c9"
sawtooth.dynamicPeering Dynamic Peering should default to false, since it is a bit unreliable false
sawtooth.externalSeeds a list of maps defining validator endpoints external to this deployment []
sawtooth.seth.enabled enabled sawtooth-seth false
sawtooth.xo.enabled enabled sawtooth-xo-tp false
sawtooth.smallbank.enabled enabled sawtooth-smallbank-tp false
sawtooth.hostPathBaseDir all sawtooth hostPath directories will be based here string
sawtooth.client_wait arbitrary delay to validator client startup, such as the rest-api 90
sawtooth.customTPs a list of custom tp definitions nil
sawtooth.affinity custom affinity rules for the sawtooth validator deamonset nil
images a map containing all of the image urls used by this template N/A


field default
images.devmode_engine blockchaintp/sawtooth-devmode-engine-rust:BTP2.1.0
images.pbft_engine blockchaintp/sawtooth-pbft-engine:BTP2.1.0
images.poet_cli blockchaintp/sawtooth-poet-cli:BTP2.1.0
images.poet_engine blockchaintp/sawtooth-poet-engine:BTP2.1.0
images.poet_validator_registry_tp blockchaintp/sawtooth-poet-validator-registry-tp:BTP2.1.0
images.raft_engine blockchaintp/sawtooth-raft-engine:BTP2.1.0
images.block_info_tp blockchaintp/sawtooth-block-info-tp:BTP2.1.0
images.identity_tp blockchaintp/sawtooth-identity-tp:BTP2.1.0
images.intkey_tp blockchaintp/sawtooth-intkey-tp-go:BTP2.1.0
images.settings_tp blockchaintp/sawtooth-settings-tp:BTP2.1.0 blockchaintp/sawtooth-shell:BTP2.1.0
images.smallbank_tp blockchaintp/sawtooth-smallbank-tp-go:BTP2.1.0
images.validator blockchaintp/sawtooth-validator:BTP2.1.0
images.xo_tp blockchaintp/sawtooth-xo-tp-go:BTP2.1.0
images.rest_api blockchaintp/sawtooth-rest-api:BTP2.1.0
images.seth_rpc blockchaintp/sawtooth-seth-rpc:BTP2.1.0
images.seth_tp blockchaintp/sawtooth-seth-tp:BTP2.1.0
images.xo_demo blockchaintp/xo-demo:BTP2.1.0

Custom TP Definitions

Custom TP definitions are describe using maps with the following fields

field description default
name name of the custom tp container(must be unique within the pod) nil
image url of the image for this tp nil
command list of command tokens for this tp list
arg list of arguments to the command nil]
extraVolumes a list of additional volumes to add to all StatefulSets, Deployments, and DaemonSets []
extraVolumeMounts a list of additional volume mounts to add to all StatefulSet, Deployment, and DaemonSet containers []