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Orion Chart


field description default
imagePullSecrets.enabled true if imagePullSecrets will be provided false
imagePullSecrets.value a list of names of imagePullSecrets []
global.image.registry global override of the image registry
global.postgresql.servicePort global override of the postgresql service port 5432
ingress.apiVersion if necessary the apiVersion of the ingress may be overridden ""
ingress.enabled true to enable the ingress to the main service rest-api false
ingress.certManager true to enable the acme certmanager for this ingress false
ingress.hostname primary hostname for the ingress false
ingress.path path for the ingress's primary hostname /
ingress.pathType pathType for the ingress's primary hostname nil
ingress.annotations annotations for the ingress {}
ingress.tls true to enable tls on the ingress with a secrete at hostname-tls false
ingress.extraHosts list of extra hosts to add to the ingress []
ingress.extraPaths list of extra paths to add to the primary host of the ingress []
ingress.extraTls list of extra tls entries []
orion.affinity a yaml block defining the affinity rules for the statefulset {}
orion.annotations a yaml block defining the annotations for the statefulset {}
orion.clientport the port on which the orion servers will listen 8888
orion.clientnetworkinterface the network interface on which the orion servers will listen ""
orion.image.pullPolicy the image pull policy IfNotPresent
orion.image.repository the image repository consensys/quorum-orion
orion.image.tag the image tag "21.1.1" the storage configuration (memory, leveldb or postgres) "postgres"
orion.nodeport the port on which orion servers will communicate with each other 8080
orion.nodenetworkinterface the network interface on which orion servers will communicate with each other ""
orion.other nodes a list of node urls outside this deployment which these orion nodes will connect to []
orion.replicas the number of replicas for the orion statefulset 2
orion.resources a yaml block defining the resources for the statefulset {}
serviceAccount.create true if the service account will be created false overrides the name of the service account nil
utils.k8s.image.pullPolicy the k8s image pull policy IfNotPresent
utils.k8s.image.repository the k8s image repository alpine/k8s
utils.k8s.image.tag the k8s image tag 3.11
postgresql.create true if an embedded postgresql will be created. if false external database credentials will need to be provided true
postgresql.postgresqlDatabase name of the postgres database to use "orion"
postgresql.postgresqlUsername name of the postgres user to use "orion" the hostname of the postgresql server nil
postgresql.existingSecret the name of an existing secret containing the postgresql credentials nil
postgresql.postgresqlPassword the password of the postgresql user nil
postgresql.servicePort the port of the postgresql server 5432
postgresql.replicationPassword the password of the postgresql replication user nil
postgresql.initdbScripts a map of initdb scripts to run on the postgresql server
extraVolumes a list of additional volumes to add to all StatefulSets, Deployments, and DaemonSets []
extraVolumeMounts a list of additional volume mounts to add to all StatefulSet, Deployment, and DaemonSet containers []