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Exposing the DAML JSON API


You will need an ingress controller running on your cluster. In this example we'll use the kubernetes default nginx ingress controller. You can find installation and configuration instructions for your environment here.

Configuring the ingress

Next you'll need to add some custom yaml to your daml-on-postgres deployment. This will enable the Daml JSON API ingress and allow you to configure the ingress.

The basic fields needed are as these:

      enabled: true
      path: /api
      pathType: Prefix
      annotations: "nginx"

This example will configure the ingress so that the api will be available at You will needs to edit this example for your use case, at a minimum the hostname and path

Note: If you are using AWS the default nginx ingress controller will have a FQDN. You can use this as the hostname for your ingress to avoid having to configure DNS during testing.

Advanced configuration

You can find the full list of values available to configure the JSON API ingress here.