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Daml on Postgres Chart


field description default
imagePullSecrets.enabled true if imagePullSecrets will be provided false
imagePullSecrets.value a list of names of imagePullSecrets []
daml.auth.enabled true if authentication is to be enabled false
daml.image.repository the docker image repository blockchaintp/daml-on-postgres
daml.image.tag the docker image tag latest
daml.image.pullPolicy the docker image pull policy IfNotPresent
daml.ledgerId the daml ledger id someIdentifyingString
daml.extra_args.enabled true if extra_args will be provided false
daml.extra_args.arg_str a string of extra arguments ""
daml.rpc.port the daml grpc listener port 39000
daml.rpc.resources the daml rpc resources constraints {}
daml.rpc.env the daml rpc environment variable definitions {}
daml.serviceAccount.create true if the service account will be created true to override the name of the service account use this nil
daml.jsonapi.image.repository the docker image repository blockchaintp/daml-on-postgres-jsonapi
daml.jsonapi.image.tag the docker image tag latest
daml.jsonapi.image.pullPolicy the docker image pull policy IfNotPresent
daml.jsonapi.ports.http the port the json api will listen on 8080
daml.jsonapi.packageReloadInterval the interval in seconds between package reloads 5s
daml.jsonapi.resources the json api resources constraints {}
daml.jsonapi.waitTimeSeconds how many seconds to way for the ledger api to start. 0 for forever 0
daml.jsonapi.env the json api environment variable definitions {}
daml.jsonapi.ingress.apiVersion if necessary the apiVersion of the ingress may be overridden ""
daml.jsonapi.ingress.enabled true to enable the ingress to the main service rest-api false
daml.jsonapi.ingress.certManager true to enable the acme certmanager for this ingress false
daml.jsonapi.ingress.hostname primary hostname for the ingress false
daml.jsonapi.ingress.path path for the ingress's primary hostname /
daml.jsonapi.ingress.pathType pathType for the ingress's primary hostname nil
daml.jsonapi.ingress.annotations annotations for the ingress {}
daml.jsonapi.ingress.tls true to enable tls on the ingress with a secrete at hostname-tls false
daml.jsonapi.ingress.extraHosts list of extra hosts to add to the ingress []
daml.jsonapi.ingress.extraPaths list of extra paths to add to the primary host of the ingress []
daml.jsonapi.ingress.extraTls list of extra tls entries []
daml.jsonapi.ingress.hosts list of ingress host and path declarations for the jsonapi ingress list
postgres.enabled true if the embedded postgres will be enabled true
postgres.image.repository the docker image repository postgres
postgres.image.tag the docker image tag latest
postgres.image.pullPolicy the docker image pull policy IfNotPresent the postgres host localhost
postgres.port the postgres port 5432
postgres.user the postgres user postgres
postgres.database the postgres database postgres
postgres.password the postgres password ''
postgres.existingPasswordSecret the name of an existing password secret ''
postgres.persistence.enabled true if the postgres persistence will be enabled true
postgres.persistence.storageClass the name of the storage class nil (default)
postgres.persistence.accessModes the access modes for the postgres persistence ["ReadWriteOnce"]
postgres.persistence.size the size of the postgres persistence 10Gi
openssl.image.repository the docker image repository openssl
openssl.image.tag the docker image tag latest
k8s.image.repository the docker image repository kubernetes
k8s.image.tag the docker image tag latest
extraVolumes a list of additional volumes to add to all StatefulSets, Deployments, and DaemonSets []
extraVolumeMounts a list of additional volume mounts to add to all StatefulSet, Deployment, and DaemonSet containers []