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  • feat(chronicle-on-sawtooth): increase chart version view commit
  • fix(chronicle-on-sawtooth): update chart metadata view commit
  • fix(chronicle-on-sawtooth): port chronicle repo chart test view commit
  • fix(chronicle-on-sawtooth): point sawtooth dependency to stable view commit
  • feat(chronicle-on-sawtooth): add and questions.yaml used by Rancher marketplace view commit


  • fix(chronicle-on-sawtooth): bump chronicle version to 0.6.2 view commit



  • build: update Chronicle version to 0.6.1 view commit
  • fix(chronicle-on-sawtooth): correct postgres connection and external connection args view commit


  • fix(chronicle-on-sawtooth): add resources parameter to chronicle container view commit


  • feat(chronicle-on-sawtooth): add helm resource-policy to keep chronicle-secrets volume on uninstall view commit


  • feat(chronicle-on-sawtooth): update chronicle version to 0.6.0 view commit
  • fix(chronicle-on-sawtooth): add initContainer to correct volume permissions view commit
  • docs(github): add PR template with checklist view commit



  • feat(sextant): bump chart version view commit
  • docs(sextant): document rancher specific files and exclude from yamllint line length view commit
  • feat(sextant): update app-readme to referance and chronicle in marketplace view commit
  • feat(sextant): update to referance and chronicle in chart description view commit
  • build(deps): Bump json5 from 1.0.1 to 1.0.2 view commit
  • docs(mkdocs): set site name so that on the main docs site url slug is helm-charts view commit
  • docs(mkdocs): change Home to Overview in nav for import into main docs site view commit


  • fix(chronicle): specify validator on cli view commit
  • fix(sextant): bump sextant-api version for enterprise view commit



  • fix(chronicle-on-sawtooth): remove sawtooth argument in favor of config view commit


  • fix(chronicle-on-sawtooth): services addresses for sawtooth were incorrectly configured view commit
  • build(deps): Bump minimatch from 3.0.4 to 3.1.2 view commit
  • fix(sextant): update image versions view commit


  • fix(daml-on-postgres): ledgerId need only forbid spaces view commit
  • fix(chronicle-on-sawtooth): correct chronicle image name view commit
  • feat(chronicle-on-sawtooth): update values.yaml services and chart version view commit
  • fix: Restore tp matching sawtooth replicas view commit
  • feat: rename, add sextant view commit
  • feat: Optional graphql playground view commit
  • feat: Chronicle helm chart view commit
  • fix: modify hooks to be deleted before creation and upon success view commit



  • feat(daml-on-postgres): support ng variant of dop view commit


  • build: update bitnami dependency refs to pre2022 tag view commit
  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): bump chart version view commit
  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): timekeeper fix view commit
  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): timekeeper fix view commit
  • build(deps): Bump ansi-regex from 4.1.0 to 4.1.1 view commit
  • build(deps): Bump minimist from 1.2.5 to 1.2.6 view commit
  • fix(docs): rename requirements.txt to versions.txt view commit
  • fix(docs): add requirements.txt and pin mkdocs version view commit


  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): correct typo in trigger def loop view commit


  • test(sextant): add storageClass tests view commit
  • feat(sextant): bump chart version view commit
  • feat(sextant): remove default value for storageClass and set to null in values.yaml view commit


  • fix(sextant): update kubeVersion to >=1.19-0 view commit
  • feat(sextant): bump chart version view commit
  • feat(sextant): update chart metadata and rancher config files view commit
  • feat(sextant): add kubeVersion and set to >= 1.19 view commit
  • feat(sextant): use BTP2.1.0 tag for community edition images view commit
  • feat(sextant): remove default value for postgres persistence storage class view commit


  • fix(sawtooth): custom tp range loop using wrong context view commit
  • test(sawtooth): add a unit test to check custom-tp generation view commit
  • fix(sextant): correct key view commit
  • fix: Do not need validation for select input view commit
  • fix: Use BTP2.1.0 for jsonapi / triggers, newlines view commit
  • fix: Only update relevant lockfile view commit
  • feat: Postgres cardinality view commit
  • feat: Bring in postgres configurability from daml-on-postgres view commit


  • fix(sextant): correct enterprise and community image repository and bump chart version view commit


  • fix: bump chart versions view commit
  • fix: replace DAML references with Daml view commit
  • fix: fix SXT-872 and SXT-877 view commit
  • feat(sextant): update questions.yaml and for rancher marketplace view commit
  • docs(sextant): add community edition installation page view commit
  • docs(sextant): add sextant logo link and update description view commit
  • feat(sextant): bump chart version view commit
  • feat(sextant): update rancher marketplace to use community edition view commit
  • feat(sextant): add community edition view commit


  • fix(deps): update sawtooth dependencies for tfs and daml on sawtooth view commit
  • fix(sawtooth): fix indentation on pagerduty envs view commit


  • fix(daml-on-besu): duplicated env block of besu container view commit
  • fix(daml-on-besu): update default versions to be BTP2.1.0 view commit
  • docs(sextant): correct eksctl command view commit
  • fix(daml-on-besu): correct swapped fields in metrics view commit



  • fix: Adjust daml metrics values so they live under daml route view commit
  • fix: Split daml / besu-daml metrics reporting view commit
  • fix: Er, actually use the values. Duplicating daml.metrics ok view commit
  • fix: Use a single metrics switch from daml.metrics view commit
  • feat: Conditionally enable metrics view commit
  • feat: Metrics reporting view commit
  • fix(sextant): ensure newline before NODE_ENV env var view commit
  • fix(sextant): update questions.yaml and bump chart version view commit
  • fix(sextant): update questions.yaml and bump chart version view commit
  • feat(sextant): add new fields to questions.yaml and bump chart version view commit
  • feat(sextant): bump helm chart version view commit
  • feat(sextant): add ability to create a dockerconfigjson secret to the helm chart feat(sextant): add helper to create dockerdockerconfig type secrets feat(sextant): add initial rancher compatible questions and app-readme files fix(sextant): move default registry url to questions.yaml view commit



  • fix(sextant): set NODE_ENV to development on edition enterprise view commit
  • docs: add AWS Marketplace policy links view commit
  • docs: fix grammar view commit
  • docs: add new sextant installation instructions view commit
  • fix(sextant): point editions to specific sextant versions view commit
  • fix(sextant): point to BTP2.1.0 view commit
  • fix(sextant): point to BTP2.1.0rc15 view commit
  • docs: align with user guide view commit
  • docs: fix nav references view commit
  • fix(besu): correct component label on pods view commit
  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): bump to rc15 view commit
  • fix(sextant): correct url defaults view commit
  • fix(sextant): override with local image templates until standard-def update view commit
  • fix(standard-defs): don't default to when no registry set view commit
  • docs: add sextant-enterprise pro temp view commit
  • docs: std README format view commit
  • docs: add nav to mkdocs.yml view commit
  • fix(sextant): bump to version 2.2.0 view commit
  • fix(sextant): stop setting NODE_ENV in statefulset view commit
  • feat(sextant): add editions capability view commit
  • fix(chart): bumps version to 0.1.10 view commit
  • fix(daml-on-postgres-options): reverses the order of 'local' and 'remote' options on the daml-on-postgres deployment view view commit



  • feat(update-daml-on-besu): update default image tags to BTP2.1.0rc15 view commit
  • fix(notes): add namespace to kubectl describe command view commit


  • fix(daml-on-besu): correct the name of the generated jwt cert view commit
  • docs(sextant): add the release namespace to the describe command used to get initial password view commit
  • fix(values): pull api and ui images always view commit
  • fix(sextant-test): pull down canary images instead of latest view commit



  • feat(daml-on-besu): add affinity rule section for daml statufulset view commit
  • fix(sextant-enterprise): update to use rc15 view commit
  • fix(sextant): correct the label used to find the pod name in portforward instructions view commit
  • docs(sextant): enhance image pull secrets instructions view commit
  • feat(sawtooth): default statefulset and persistance values to true view commit


  • fix(daml-on-postgres): correct secret name view commit


  • fix(daml-on-postgres): correct component label view commit
  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): remove custom tps from the form view commit
  • docs(daml-on-sawtooth): docs update view commit
  • feat(daml-on-sawtooth): update sextant definitions view commit
  • feat(daml-on-sawtooth): fully refactor chart view commit
  • fix(sawtooth): provide and use templates for ports values view commit
  • build(deps): point dependencies to btp-stable view commit
  • docs(tfs-on-sawtooth): for now point docs to for client view commit
  • docs(tfs-on-sawtooth): add S3 API and docker-compose usage information view commit


  • docs(sextant): correct imagePullSecrets value view commit
  • docs: add sextant persistence by default view commit
  • build(deps): update chart dependencies view commit
  • docs(sextant): correct typo view commit
  • feat(standard-defs): add extraPaths to extraHosts and use lib.safeToYaml view commit
  • perf(sextant): set default resource limits/requests view commit
  • feat(sextant): add env var and resource declarations view commit
  • build(nginx-ingress): update nginx-ingress dependency to upstream official view commit
  • build(tfs-on-sawtooth): update chart dependency view commit
  • fix(tfs-on-sawtooth): make match labels consistent view commit
  • fix(sawtooth): make sawtooth component labels consistent view commit
  • feat(tfs-on-sawtooth): add s3 capabilities and update tags view commit


  • fix(daml-on-besu): correct label matching view commit
  • test(daml-on-besu): correct ingress test service linkage view commit
  • fix(daml-on-besu): correct ingress service target view commit
  • fix(daml-on-besu): correct statefulset jsonapi port ref view commit
  • fix(daml-on-besu): correct jsonapi ports view commit
  • test: rename tests and tighten up requirements view commit


  • docs(besu): add view commit
  • feat(besu): add the ability to allocate accounts on genesis view commit
  • feat(besu): allow for custom genesis view commit
  • test(besu): add tests for custom genesis view commit
  • docs: add an installation docs (#131) view commit
  • style(daml-on-postgres): correct readme values list formatting view commit
  • docs(daml-on-postgres): add instructions for enabling the daml json api ingress view commit
  • refactor(daml-on-sawtooth): reduce cluster-role view commit
  • test(daml-on-postgres): correct volume positions view commit
  • test(daml-on-besu): correct mount and volume positions view commit
  • test(besu): correct mount and volume positions view commit
  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): disable automountServiceAccountToken view commit
  • fix(daml-on-postgres): disable automountServiceAccountToken view commit
  • fix(daml-on-besu): disable automount of serviceAccountToken view commit
  • fix(sawtooth): stop unnecessary mount of serviceAccountToken view commit
  • fix(besu): remove random mounts view commit
  • fix(besu): stop automatically mounting serviceAccountToken view commit
  • fix(orion): stp allocating service tokens automatically view commit
  • docs: update diagrams view commit
  • build(sextant-test): update dependencies view commit
  • fix(sextant): correct label declarations view commit
  • feat(tfs-on-sawtooth): add extraVolumes cap view commit
  • build(sextant-test): update dependencies view commit
  • build(daml-on-besu): update dependencies view commit
  • build(besu): update dependencies view commit
  • feat: add extraVolumes capability to charts view commit
  • build(dep): update dependencies view commit
  • feat(standard-defs): add safeToYaml,volume, and volumeMounts view commit
  • build: update dependencies view commit
  • fix: add per-node and component labels to svcs view commit
  • fix: on jobs correct hook delete-policy view commit
  • fix: map over a nil array view commit
  • fix(tfs-on-sawtooth): remove cutomtps entry view commit
  • fix(sawtooth): set individual container tags view commit
  • fix(tfs-on-sawtooth): remove affinity setting view commit
  • fix(tfs-on-sawtooth): paths in sextant forms view commit
  • build(update-to-use-Chart.lock-properly): from here forward Chart.lock will need to be checked in view commit
  • feat(daml-on-besu): add jsonapi ingress support view commit
  • refactor(daml-on-postgres): update ingress to latest patterns view commit
  • refactor(daml-on-sawtooth): update ingress to latest patterns view commit
  • feat(orion): add ingress view commit
  • feat(sextant): update sextant ingress patterns view commit
  • test(sextant-test): add stable ingress test view commit
  • test(sextant-sfs): add stable ingress test view commit
  • test(sextant-sfd): add stable ingress test view commit
  • test(sextant-enterprise): add stable ingress test view commit
  • test(sextant): add stable names and ingress tests view commit
  • test(daml-on-postgres): add stable names and ingress tests view commit
  • test(daml-on-sawtooth): add ingress stability test view commit
  • test(sawtoooth): add more detailed ingress test view commit
  • test(tfs-on-sawtooth): add stable names and ingress link test view commit
  • docs(tfs-on-sawtooth): format table link to sawtooth view commit
  • feat(tfs-on-sawtooth): add args and env capabilities view commit
  • feat(tfs-on-sawtooth): add ingress view commit
  • docs(tfs-on-sawtooth): add diagrams view commit
  • docs(sawtooth): add diagrams view commit
  • refactor(tfs-on-sawtooth): refactor to use sawtooth chart dependency view commit
  • feat(standard-defs): lib.ingress can now support old style values view commit
  • fix(sawtooth): add pathType to ingress view commit
  • fix(sawtooth): bump chart version view commit
  • fix(sawtooth): bump chart version view commit
  • fix(standard-defs): correct lib.image.url reference view commit
  • fix(standard-defs): correct pathType on the main rule view commit
  • refactor(sawtoth): move kind calc to a template view commit
  • feat(standard-defs): add lib.image templates view commit
  • refactor(sawtooth): extract and organize more templates to standard view commit
  • test(sextant): add stable names testing to related charts view commit
  • docs: add cors ingress doc view commit
  • docs(sawtooth): correct title view commit
  • docs: update diagrams view commit
  • docs(sawtooth): update values docs view commit
  • feat(sawtooth): add ingress capability view commit
  • feat(standard-defs): add ingress tpl definition view commit
  • feat(standard-defs): add more standard tpls to lib view commit
  • refactor(sawtooth): extract out more common tpls view commit
  • test(sawtooth): update snapshot for new names view commit
  • test(sawtooth): stable names for pvcs and hostpath view commit
  • feat(sawtooth): allow the pernode service to change type view commit
  • feat(sawtooth): complete redesign of sawtooth chart view commit
  • refactor: replace references with template view commit
  • refactor: replace sawtooth.namespace references with Release.namespace view commit


  • feat(daml-on-besu): enable private transaction features view commit
  • fix(besu): synch up with daml-on-besu developments view commit
  • feat(besu): add the ability to link besu to orion view commit
  • test(daml-on-besu): add stable names test view commit
  • test(sawtooth): add stable names tests view commit
  • test(daml-on-sawtooth): add stable names tests view commit
  • test(orion): add stable name testing view commit
  • feat: add a library chart defining common templates view commit
  • docs: add docs/daml overview view commit




  • fix(daml-on-postgres): correct the postgres hostname validator view commit


  • fix(daml-on-besu-details): updates sextantVersion to bump chart versions and adds DAML SDK 1.4 view commit
  • test(pre-commit-config): autoupdates hook repos and increases max line-length to 90 to accommodate helm chart descriptions view commit
  • fix(chart): bump chart one minor version view commit
  • feat(taekion-ui): add a feature for the explorer so we can see the explorer tab view commit
  • refactor: rename template files to match pattern view commit


  • fix(daml-on-postgres): revert deploymentVersion to 1.3 view commit
  • feat(daml-on-postgres): upgrade to rc15 view commit


  • feat(daml-on-besu): add extra volume mounts for the daml statefulset view commit


  • docs: add daml-on-besu/ view commit
  • fix: remove extra resourced declaration view commit
  • feat: changes to allow external postgres database for index view commit
  • fix: disable readiness probe view commit
  • fix: besu with readiness probes needs to start parallel view commit
  • feat(daml-on-sawtooth): use a secret to store the pagerduty keys view commit
  • feat(sextant): set the key in an existing postgres password secret that contains the password from values.yaml view commit


  • feat(daml-on-sawtooth): add pagerduty-alert view commit
  • feat(daml-on-sawtooth): add pagerduty-alert view commit
  • feat(daml-on-sawtooth): add pagerduty-alert view commit


  • feat(daml-on-besu): make jsonapi optional view commit
  • fix(daml-on-besu): local bootnodes onlywhen seed view commit
  • fix:(daml-on-besu) change besu bootnode strategy view commit
  • feat(sawtooth): add pagerduty-alert view commit
  • feat(taekion-middleware): add a service for the middleware so we can get to it via k8s api server view commit
  • refactor(besu): align filenames b/w besu and daml-on-besu view commit
  • feat(besu): add default readiness and liveness probes to besu impls view commit
  • feat(daml-on-postgres): add jsonapi view commit
  • feat(daml-on-besu): add jsonapi view commit
  • feat(daml-on-besu): add annotations option for besu and daml-rpc statefulsets view commit
  • feat(besu): bump chart version view commit
  • feat(besu): add secondary network capabilities view commit
  • fix(daml-on-besu): remove extraneous labels on SS view commit


  • feat(daml-on-besu): besu child network capabilities view commit
  • feat(daml-on-besu): allow arbitrary affinity rules to be set for the statefulset view commit
  • feat(besu): allow arbitrary affinity rules to be set for the statefulset view commit


  • feat(daml-on-besu): update chart version view commit
  • docs(daml-on-besu): add multiple network documents view commit
  • feat(daml-on-besu): add pod specific services to each besu node to maintain a stable endpoint view commit
  • feat(daml-on-besu): add capabilities to connect to a remote besu network view commit


  • fix: correct cert names in d-o-p and d-o-b view commit
  • docs(daml-on-sawtooth): correct values file markdown view commit
  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): remove affinity rule switch and set from daml values view commit
  • feat(sawtooth): allow setting arbitrary affinity rules view commit
  • feat(daml-on-sawtooth): allow setting arbitrary affinity rules view commit
  • test(pre-commit-config): autoupdate hook repos view commit
  • fix(daml-on-postgres): correct daml certificate name view commit


  • fix(daml-on-postgres): corrections to form view commit
  • fix(daml-on-postgres): port isn't a dns1123 field, and for now give Host a default view commit
  • fix(sawtooth): deprecate seth and sample applications view commit
  • fix(sextant-test): correct image urls view commit
  • fix(sextant-test): correct values.yaml view commit
  • docs(sextant): update sextant documentation view commit


  • fix(daml-on-postgres): correct extra_args processing view commit
  • fix(daml-on-besu): correct extra-args processing view commit


  • feat(daml-on-sawtooth): enable signals on the remaining containers view commit
  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): correct a typo in the atomicwrite cleanup view commit


  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): add serviceName to statefulset view commit


  • feat(daml-on-sawtooth): add persistence options for postgres view commit



  • feat(daml-on-sawtooth): add extraVolumeMounts across rpc pod view commit
  • fix: correct extra_args parsing for daml-rpc view commit


  • feat(sawtooth): resource configuration view commit
  • feat(daml-on-sawtooth): add individual daml-triggers SXT-566 view commit
  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): update documentation SXT-566 view commit
  • fix(sawtooth): update sawtooth documentation SXT-566 view commit
  • fix(sawtooth): remove .atomicwrite directories before validator startup SXT-588 view commit


  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): wait until all signals are received before starting view commit
  • refactor(tfs-on-sawtooth): resolve differences with other stl charts view commit
  • refactor(sawtooth): additional whitespace changes view commit
  • refactor(tfs-on-sawtooth): rename templates view commit
  • refactor(sawtooth): resolve differences between sawtooth and other stl charts view commit
  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): resolve differences between d-o-s and other sawtooth charts view commit
  • fix(besu): set default besu image location to dockerhub SXT-549 view commit


  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): reduce failureThreshold and periodSeconds on signals based probes SXT-574 view commit


  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): make uniform container args and env paramets as well as imagePullPolicy view commit


  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): correct entrypoints should be foreground view commit
  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): missing mount names view commit
  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): add new signals system view commit
  • feat(daml-on-sawtooth): make trigger service optional and default to false SXT-565 view commit
  • fix(daml-on-postgres): fix typos in form view commit
  • fix(daml-on-postgres): bump chart versionn view commit
  • fix(daml-on-postgres): update helper text in form view commit
  • style(daml-on-qldb): bump chart subminor version view commit
  • fix(daml-on-qldb): disallow capital letters in ledger id view commit
  • fix(daml-on-postgres): bump chart version minor view commit
  • feat(daml-on-sawtooth): storage class form field is linked to 2 other fields view commit
  • fix(dalm-on-postgres): update form fields and options for postgres enabled view commit


  • fix: jsonapi arge to use a range and now be quoted view commit


  • fix(charts): correct environment var declarations view commit


  • fix(daml-on-besu): sdk v1.4 began defaulting the ledger id to a random, set instead to default-ledger-id view commit
  • fix(daml-on-besu): improvements to the d-o-b chart to improve resiliency SXT-518 view commit


  • fix(sextant): correct label in NOTES.txt SXT-482 view commit



  • fix(daml): correct secret volume mount name SXT-511 view commit
  • fix(daml): correct secret name SXT-511 view commit
  • build(pre-commit): update pre-commit SXT-511 view commit
  • fix(sextant): correct NOTES.txt for pod selection view commit
  • fix(daml-on-qldb): disable daml ui features for the time being until daml-sdk for qldb is updated view commit
  • fix(daml-on-besu): remove constant --logging arg view commit
  • fix(daml): add auth method arguments and correct extra_args template SXT-511 view commit
  • fix(daml): specify values.yaml default for auth SXT-511 view commit
  • fix(daml): mount jwt-secret SXT-511 view commit
  • fix(daml-jwt): add the secret roles to the other flavours of DAML deployment view commit
  • fix(daml-jwt): include secrets in role so we can create a jwt secret in the startup job view commit
  • fix(daml-jwt): containers run in parallel so wait for file to appear before proceeding view commit
  • fix(daml-jwt): fix typo in daml jwt job view commit
  • feat: add rsa certificate generation to daml charts view commit
  • build: add Makefile view commit
  • refactor: move docker tool to subdir and rework view commit
  • build(pre-commit): correct exclusion declarations view commit
  • refactor: correct helm lint issues in all charts view commit


  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): remove probe data files on restart of validator view commit


  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): correct lifecycle declaration view commit
  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): move exit signals to preStop lifecycle view commit


  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): fix command line view commit
  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): correct syntax error in validator script section view commit
  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): add exit for signals to validator container view commit


  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): correct signals directory as a mitigation until liveness probe is corrected view commit
  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): correct SIGNALS_DIR view commit
  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): add signals volume view commit
  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): correct kill command view commit
  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): add pbft-engine signal support and use by default view commit


  • fix(sextant-details): fix punctuation errors view commit
  • fix(form): fix typo in image pull secret helper text view commit
  • fix(details): update the displayed logo view commit
  • fix(forms): display deployment type in form header view commit
  • fix(forms): remove affinity option from non-sawtooth forms view commit
  • fix(forms): make deployment name subtext uniform view commit
  • fix(tfs-details): update description and sawtooth version view commit
  • fix(sawtooth-details): update display name and description view commit
  • fix(besu-details): update deisplay name and description view commit
  • feat(details-yaml): update logo image name for new tfs logo view commit
  • refactor(chart-yaml): bump chart version view commit


  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): add trigger service port to daml-rp service view commit


  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): correct trigger ingress name view commit



  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): correct trigger http port default view commit


  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): add initContainer to change extraMounts permissions view commit
  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): add extraVolumeMounts capability view commit
  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): set to rc11 view commit
  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): add daml-trigger-service view commit


  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): correct daml-tp env indentation view commit
  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): remove cpu limit on daml-tp and enable env parsing view commit
  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): increase cpu limit for daml-tp view commit


  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): remove genesis files on reseed view commit
  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): source the genesis scripts view commit
  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): quote environment vals view commit
  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): correct typo view commit
  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): add configurables for max-ops-per-batch and max-batches-outstanding view commit
  • add args to various containers view commit
  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): remove default logging args view commit
  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): add args to various containers view commit
  • fix(daml-on-besu): add extra_args to daml-on-besu rpc view commit
  • fix(forms): use deployment name instead of network name view commit


  • fix(sawtooth): and daml-on-sawtooth remove /etc/sawtooth/initialized on reseed view commit


  • fix(daml-on-besu): fix typo in private besu startup view commit



  • fix(daml-on-besu): fix typo in genesis cm view commit


  • fix(daml-on-besu): allocate DAML precompile accounts in genesis view commit
  • fix(daml-on-besu): fix typo in besu.privateImage view commit
  • fix(daml-on-besu): fix typo view commit
  • fix(daml-on-besu): add daml private options view commit
  • fix(postgres): update PGDATA directories to use a subdir view commit
  • fix(daml-on-besu): change PGDATA to a subdir view commit
  • fix(daml-on-besu): change postgres data directory view commit
  • fix(pipeline): correct unstable publishing view commit
  • fix(pipeline): correct unstable publishing view commit
  • fix(postgres): add PGDATA vars to postgres initialization to prevent wipeouts view commit
  • fix(pipeline): correct unstable publishing view commit
  • fix(pipeline): always publish to unstable on the master branch view commit


  • fix(daml-on-besu): change default besu datapath and reference view commit


  • fix(sawtooth): update external seeds hostname field regex view commit
  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): update external seeds hostname field regex view commit
  • fix(form): persistence enabled form fields not null or visible by default view commit
  • refactor(chart): bump chart version view commit


  • fix(daml-on-postgres): correct daml-rpc service name view commit
  • fix(daml-on-postgres): correct daml-service declaration view commit
  • fix(daml-on-postgress): add ingress for jsonapi view commit
  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): add ingress for jsonapi view commit
  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): correct env quoting view commit
  • fix(daml-on-postgres): correct environment quoting view commit
  • fix(daml-on-postgres): add json-api to daml-on-postgres view commit
  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): correct env declaration for jsonapi view commit
  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): updates to use jsonapi view commit
  • refactor(chart-yaml): bump chart version view commit
  • fix(details): define versions as strings instead of ints view commit
  • fix(sextant): correct data dir permissions for pgsql view commit
  • fix(sextant): set pgdata mount to /var/lib/postgresql/data view commit


  • fix(sextant): default in values.yaml to nil view commit


  • fix(sextant-enterprise): update image and chart versions view commit
  • fix(sawtooth): update image and chart versions view commit
  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): update chart and image versions view commit
  • fix(daml-on-qldb): update image and chart versions view commit
  • fix(daml-on-postgres): update chart and image versions view commit
  • fix(daml-on-besu): update versions of chart and images view commit


  • fix(tfs-on-sawtooth): remove pbft.log on startup view commit
  • fix(sextant-enterprise): point to licensed repository view commit
  • fix(sextant-sf): correct chart versions view commit
  • fix(sawtooth): remove pbft log before starting pbft-engine view commit


  • fix(sextant-all): update child charts to use new sextant chart style view commit


  • fix(sextant): correct references to old deployment style to statefulset style view commit
  • fix(tfs): bump chart version view commit
  • fix(tfs): use variable for integer consensus values in validator set view commit
  • feat(charts): create tfs on sawtooth chart view commit
  • fix(daml): daml on etc deployment options look uniform in the UI view commit
  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): correct description and bump version view commit
  • fix(qldb): fix template variable names in service definition view commit
  • feat(charts): add daml on qldb chart view commit
  • fix(sawtooth): bump chart version view commit
  • refactor(sawtooth): rename template files view commit
  • fix(sawtooth): remove monitoring set view commit
  • fix(sawtooth): remove telegraf view commit
  • fix(daml-on-postgres): change passwordOrSecret to use string values view commit
  • fix(daml-on-postgres): adjust passwordOrSecret type to boolean view commit
  • fix(daml-on-postgres): adjust visibilityParameter values view commit
  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): use validator service and sawcomp for daml-rpc view commit
  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): fix postgres database url view commit
  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): remove cm map for telegraf view commit
  • feat(daml-on-sawtooth): use more recent version of daml-on-sawtooth view commit
  • refactor(daml-on-sawtooth): rename template files, move serviceaccount out to separate file view commit
  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): remove tracer-ui and leftover images in defaults view commit
  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): remove xo and smallbank demo tps view commit
  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): remove seth from this chart view commit
  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): remove monitoring components from this chart view commit
  • fix(daml-on-sawtooth): allow setting of sawnet port all the way through view commit
  • feat(charts): add postgresql-ha chart view commit
  • feat(charts): add influxdb chart view commit
  • feat(charts): add vault chart view commit
  • feat(charts): add grafana chart view commit
  • fix(details): update deployment version to number value view commit
  • fix(nginx-ingress): correct dependency version view commit
  • fix(nginx-ingress): correct sextant/form.js view commit
  • feat(charts): add nginx-ingress chart view commit
  • fix(sextant): correct summary display view commit
  • refactor(charts): extract common fields view commit
  • feat(sextant): add sextant customization to sextant chart view commit
  • fix(daml-on-postgres): allow zero length for password fields view commit
  • refactor(besu): fix linting problems view commit
  • refactor(daml-on-besu): fix linting problems view commit
  • refactor(elasticsearch): fix linting problems view commit
  • refactor(fluentd): fix linting problems view commit
  • refactor(kibana): fix linting problems view commit
  • refactor(openebs): fix linting problems view commit
  • refactor(sawtooth): fix linting problems view commit
  • refactor(daml-on-postgres): eslint corrections view commit
  • fix(daml-on-postgres): correct password validation view commit
  • fix(daml-on-postgres): correct password validation view commit
  • fix(daml-on-postgres): correct options view commit
  • fix(daml-on-postgres): expand postgres options view commit
  • fix(daml-on-postgres): add persistence options to forms view commit
  • fix(daml-on-besu): add persistence options to form view commit
  • fix(besu): adjust dialog titles view commit
  • fix(besu): add persistence options to form view commit
  • fix(daml-on-postgres): correct daml-on-postgres entrypoint view commit
  • fix(daml-on-postgres): fix accessModes default parameter view commit
  • fix(daml-on-postgres): remove dynamic port reference in summary view commit
  • fix(daml-on-besu): correct besu.persistence.accessModes view commit
  • fix(daml-on-besu): distinguish rpc from besu statefulset view commit
  • fix(daml-on-besu): resolve conflict between besu service and daml service view commit
  • fix(besu): correct imagePullSecrets declarations view commit
  • fix(daml-on-besu): update details to be daml-on-besu/1.3 view commit
  • fix(sextant): correct existingPasswordSecret field view commit
  • feat(sextant): rework sextant chart to deploy a statefulset rather than use the operator view commit
  • fix(daml-on-postgres): correct pgdata mount point view commit
  • fix(daml-on-besu): bump chart version view commit
  • fix(daml-on-besu): correct mountpoint for pgdata on daml-on-besu view commit
  • fix(daml-on-postgres): update form and summary details view commit
  • feat(daml-on-postgres): add daml-on-postgres chart view commit
  • fix(daml-on-besu): reorganize templates view commit
  • fix(daml-on-besu): change daml-on-besu to statefulset view commit
  • fix(daml-on-besu): clean up dynamic storage provisioning view commit
  • fix(besu): bump besu versions view commit
  • fix(besu): update besu chart with sextant customizations and storage class customizations view commit
  • fix(charts): add icons for fluentd and openebs view commit
  • feat(kibana): add kibana chart with sextant customizations view commit
  • fix(gitignore): update gitignore view commit
  • feat(elasticsearch): add elasticsearch chart view commit
  • fix(fluentd): reduce version resolution view commit
  • feat(fluentd): add sextant customizations view commit
  • feat(fluentd): add base fluentd chart from bitnami view commit
  • fix(openebs): remove OWNERS and update Chart.yaml view commit
  • feat(openebs): add sextant customizations view commit
  • feat(openebs): add imagePullSecrets to serviceAccount view commit
  • feat(openebs): add openebs base chart view commit
  • fix(daml-on-besu): correct daml label view commit
  • fix(daml-on-besu): fix daml label on rpc view commit
  • fix(daml-on-besu): fix deployment paths for name and namespace view commit
  • fix(daml-on-besu): remove orion-init-job added too soon view commit
  • fix(daml-on-besu): fix namePath view commit
  • fix(besu): correct besu chart name view commit
  • fix(daml-on-besu): complete sextant integration view commit
  • feat(daml-on-besu): add basic daml-on-besu chart view commit
  • fix(besu): remove daml items view commit
  • feat(besu): add basic besu chart view commit
  • fix(sawtooth): remove only sawtooth data on reset not keys view commit
  • fix(isolation): change ISOLATION_ID to JOB_ID view commit
  • fix(helmigore): ignore package and package-lock view commit
  • refactor(linting): configure npm and eslint lint and fix js code view commit
  • style(configs): add helm lint to pre-commit view commit
  • SXT-304 Bump chart version view commit
  • SXT-305 Allow args and command fields to be left blank in deployment form view commit
  • Update charts/sawtooth/sextant/form.js view commit
  • SXT-305 Bump Chart version view commit
  • SXT-305 Update language from 'custom tp' to custom container' view commit
  • GPG and Helm have unresolvable conflicts view commit



  • Update sextant enterprise to use BTP2.0.8-2.0.8 view commit